Updated Oct 01, 2022

Social media has tremendously grown to become the most influential and essential virtual space that businesses can use to reach many potential customers.

Social advertising

In Summary

  • Social media is a robust platform that can bring a whole lot of difference to your business.
  • With social media advertising you can increase brand awareness, beat your competitors, and learn more about your audience.
  • Incorporating social media advertising allows you to stand out in the crowded arena
  • Having an effective marketing strategy is the key to creating ads with your target audience and market in mind.

According to the Statista statistics, there are more than 3.6 billion social media users, which is expected to increase exponentially.

With the business and retail world changing rapidly, you'll have to make your brand stand out. Since social media platforms are crowded with content creators, influencers, businesses, and other users, you can stand out in the crowded arena by running ad campaigns.

Let's look at why you should prioritize your social media ad budget and how you can use ad campaigns to find success through social media.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

With constant adjustments to social media algorithms, most businesses use social media ads instead of organic reach to get their content noticed. In fact, a Martech research showed that Facebook's organic reach fell by 52%, which goes across most social media platforms.

That's why scheduling and boosting posts is more effective than throwing posts out randomly.

Social media advertising involves running paid content on a social media website or platform. So, why should you prioritize your business ad budget?


Targeted ads increase brand awareness

Social advertising allows you to hyper-target your potential customers based on their demographics. Your ads will be shown to the right people who could want to try out your products or services.

Many brands use social media to reach a wider audience. However, your content will not bring in any customers if it does not reach the right people interested in your services.

With social advertising, a small investment will bring in more potential customers and increase the impressions of your content online.


To beat your competitors

In most cases, customers are attracted to your brand because they saw it first before any other option. With many businesses online, social advertising puts your services and products in front of potential customers before your competitors. By being first to your potential customers, your products will be their first choice.


To learn about your audience

Running an ad campaign allows you to learn more about your audience. You can test several targeting options to determine which one works for you. After the paid campaign ends, you'll also receive statistics that can help you know the people who find value in your brand. Therefore, if your organic content is doing well, promoting it will reach a much wider audience with an interest in your brand.


How to Create Targeted ads

Having an effective marketing strategy is the key to the success of your ad campaigns. A good strategy helps you create ads with your target audience and market in mind. You'll not want to spend money on ads that are not driving traffic to your products. Therefore, by creating targeted ads, your target market will align with the user demographics on the given social media platform. This makes it easier for you to reach your goals and objectives, increasing your sales. How you create a targeted ad varies with the different social platforms. Generally, you can create a targeted ad by:

  1. Setting your goals: To create targeted ads, you should start by defining your goal for the campaign. This includes what your business entails and what you would like to achieve from the campaign.
  2. Defining your approach: Based on your goals, you should determine your ad delivery method. This involves whether you will create your ads yourself or have experts with the right tools create an effective ad for you.
  3. Defining your audience: For your ad to be effective, you should clearly define your targeted audience. This will help you create an ad that fulfills their needs and interests.
  4. Get creative: You should be creative with the images, video content, or copy that you use in your ads. They should capture your audience's attention and drive them to action. You should also include a strong CTA to bring traffic to your products and services. 
  5. Invest money: You should have an ad budget that meets your business goals and needs.
  6. Analyze the results: After running the ad, analyze your results to determine its success. You should also know which areas of your campaigns you should maintain and improve on.

Social advertising

Does it seem too much? At BirlTex, we understand that this might seem overwhelming. That's why our social media and marketing experts are here to handle everything for you.


Developing an Effective Social Advertising Strategy

Social media is a robust platform that can bring a whole lot of difference to your business. That's why you should incorporate social media advertising into your marketing strategy. The sooner you integrate social advertising, the sooner you'll see growth in your business.

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