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LinkedIn is a great social media platform for networking and growing your business. It allows you to make connections and establish partnerships that can generate leads and boost brand awareness. You can reach potential customers by participating in business discussions and posting engaging content. Therefore, the most critical and challenging part of building your presence on LinkedIn is keeping your audience engaged. 

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The most outstanding post engagement method on LinkedIn is comments. Comments are the gold standard of engagement on LinkedIn. That's why when you share a post on LinkedIn; you have to think of ways in which you can get your audience to engage through comments. Let's show you how you can get more engagement with your LinkedIn posts in the form of comments and why it matters a lot.

Why Are LinkedIn Post Comments Valuable?

Before we dive into showing you how you can get more comments on your LinkedIn posts, let's help you understand why they are essential to your business. In LinkedIn, comments are important because of:

 How LinkedIn algorithms work. 

LinkedIn algorithms strive to show users relevant and high-quality content on their feeds. That is measured by the number of comments on the post. Therefore, when people leave a substantial comment on your post, it shows the LinkedIn algorithms that it has interesting content. The algorithms will show your post to more people, increasing the number of views. LinkedIn favors posts that generate discussion meaning that comments will propel your content further and faster than likes or shares. 

 It takes more effort to leave a comment

When you consider how much effort it takes to hit the like or share button and leave a comment, comments require more time and effort. The popularity of a post depends on the amount of time people take to interact with it. Therefore, when people take their time to leave a comment, it shows that you provide relevant and quality content.


How Do Comments Relate to Increased Sales or Stronger Client Relationships?

So, what do more comments on your LinkedInposts mean to your business?LinkedIn helps you market your business and interact with your customers. Therefore, comments play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your business on LinkedIn by:

  • The more comments on your posts, the more the content will be shown to a larger audience. This makes it possible to reach more customers, and when your content goes viral, people will become interested in your services, increasing your sales.
  • Comments lead to discussions on a particular subject. Therefore, more comments will trigger good conversations, which are the foundations of building good working relationships with your potential clients.
  • You can also use comments to showcase your knowledge and experience. Here people will get to know you better and understand how your business can help them. When more people comment on your posts, you will have a chance to interact with them individually and expand on the subject. That will help you make new connections.
  • Comments also help you know what your customers want. People will share their experiences, thoughts, or opinions on a given subject through the comments. You will get an insight into the challenges they face. When you provide a solution in your subsequent posts, you'll make them interested in what you do. Your posts will remain relevant to them, hence building trust and confidence in your services.

That's why you should invest time and effort in getting more comments on your LinkedIn posts. Business is about building a more extensive customer base, interacting and building good relationships with them, then drawing them to your business. You can achieve all these through comments on your LinkedIn posts.


8 Ways of Getting More Comments on LinkedIn Posts

Given how essential comments are and how LinkedIn values them, there are various ways you can trigger commenting on your LinkedIn posts. You can increase the engagement with your posts through comments by:

1.  Break up content

The first thing to get more comments on your LinkedIn posts is to write quality content. Even though you might have quality content, your audience has to read the articles for them to comment on them. Therefore, you should make your LinkedIn posts easier to read by breaking them into short paragraphs. Long blocks of texts are discouraging and difficult to follow. You can split your content into short sentences and write them as a list. You can also incorporate a few emojis to add color and personality to your posts, However, do not overuse them to make your work look unprofessional and spammy.

2.  Tell a story

Stories tend to capture the attention of the reader. Therefore, you can share a personal experience of how you struggled with something within your niche and how you overcame it. You can also tell a success story or discuss a question that a reader sent you. Telling a story will keep a reader on your post, connect with them emotionally and help them get a better understanding of your content. Readers will relate your story to their life situations and comment more on your post.

3.  Facilitate an unbiased debate

You can act as a facilitator by asking a question or stating a topic and leaving it open for discussion. Alternatively, you can also take a side on a subject, leaving your audience with the option to either support or be against you. That will motivate people to open up and express themselves, making your LinkedIn post more engaging. Creating a debate on something or asking people to share their opinions will build your post's engagement. The point is stimulating a reaction on a subject within your niche.

4.  Share positive encouragement

Research shows that 77% of people are more likely to take some form of action on positive content. Therefore, when your LinkedIn posts encourage, motivate or inspire people, they'll receive more comments and engagement. This is because they put your audience in a mindset that is positive, receptive, and open to new ideas.

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You can also write posts that change a negative perception or dispels a common myth related to your area of expertise. You can also incorporate storytelling to make these posts more engaging.

5.  Comment and reply to comments on your posts

This is one of the most overlooked techniques but replying to comments on your posts allows you to clarify and engage with your audience. When you comment on a person's comment, they will get notified and return to continue the discussion. This will give you more engagement and organic reach by starting a discussion on the given topic in the comment section. You should be willing to answer any questions your readers might have or refer them to more of your posts. In addition to that, you should also remember to comment on other people's posts, make personal connections and interact with them.

6.  Utilize tagging

You can use tagging to mention people and companies you've worked with. It is also a great way to get close people to interact with your posts. Giving people a shout-out on your posts notifies them increasing the chances of responding and starting a wave of comments. 

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 However, tagging should not be overused because some people o not like getting tagged in every post. Tagging, when used correctly, will help you get more comments on your LinkedIn posts. You can also write a story related to a LinkedIn-initiated hashtag to help your post reach more people.

7.  Post at the right time

Even though it might seem like a minor thing, posting at the right time will get you more engagement, including comments. It would help if you researched the best time to post your content on LinkedIn. This is when most of your target audience or prospect customers are active on social media. Also, take note of the days that give you the best results. You should also post consistently at a specific time to keep your audience updated. This will make it easier for you to keep loyal readers and engage more.

8.  Share valuable tips and occasional non-business updates

Rather than focusing on always promoting yourself, you can try to socialize and network with your connections. You can achieve this by providing tips, tricks, and valuable information to your readers. People are more likely to pay attention and interact with your posts when you give them something of value for free.

Even though LinkedIn is majorly for professional content, sometimes keeping everything too professional gets boring. You can occasionally post humorous content which is more memorable to your readers. You can also share your opinion on a subject that your followers care about.

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